From ayy to Zoo Gang: the unauthorized Fetty Wap glossary

Fetty-Wap-GlossaryBennett Raglin/Getty Images

You probably know every word to most of Fetty Wap’s songs, but do you know what they all mean? Here is a quick guide to understanding some of the Paterson native’s most frequently used words.

679: Fetty’s birthday, June 7, 1991

Cooking pies: Cooking crack. Not pies.

Fetty Wap: Fetty’s rap name.

The name “Fetty Wap” was inspired by money and Fetty’s favorite rapper, Gucci Mane.

“Fetty is money,” the rapper told Global Grind. “Wap is from Gucci Mane. Guwop.”

Remy Boyz / 1738: The name of Fetty Wap’s Paterson squad. Currently, Fetty Wap and Montana Bucks are the Remy Boyz. (Fetty kicked out the third member, P-Dice, to avoid conflict with another rapper.)

The name Remy Boyz 1738 was inspired by Rémy Martin’s 1738 premium cognac, which the rapper originally believed to be the most expensive Rémy in the world. He later discovered that it is the most expensive in the liquor stores he frequented in Paterson, not in the entire world.

“1738 is the best, we’re the finest,” Fetty told VladTV.

Squaw: Squad.

While playing around with ad-libs in the studio, Fetty Wap came up with saying “squad” in a high pitched voice in all of his songs by imitating his friend with a high voice.

Trap Queen: an extremely loyal street-smart woman.

Fetty’s hit “Trap Queen” was written about his ex-girlfriend, who he described to Complex as a “different kind of loyal.” The first line of the song was inspired by the first time they met.

“I first met her at her job, and the way that I introduced myself, she didn’t like it,” the Paterson native revealed. “I didn’t really do it in the most respectful way. I was like, ‘What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say ‘Hey, what’s up, hello’ to you? Does that sound better?’ The next day I went back to her job, and she was my trap queen from then on. The song is a hood love story.”

PS, Fetty Wap and his trap queen broke up when she went away to college, but he said that they still look out for one another. He helped her pay for school.

“Even though we’re not together, I still make sure that she’s good.”

Zoo Gang: Fetty’s friends.

“I call myself zoo. I’m the zoo,” Fetty Wap told VladTV, explaining that in the Zoo Gang, he is the leader of the pack.

Congratulations. You are now fluent in Fetty Wap.