Jessie James Decker’s 2-year-old daughter Vivianne loves the spotlight already

Jessie-James-Decker-Vivianne-DeckerLarry Busacca/Getty Images

Vivianne Rose Decker might be only 2, but she’s already a mini¬†Jessie James Decker! Little Viv hopped into a photo her mother was taking with a fan and totally stole the spotlight.

Takin pix with fans and Viv pops in with that smile and one strap off the shoulder swag ????

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Vivi doesn’t have an ounce of stage fright and confidently jams¬†with her mom during shows.

Look at this girl jammin to Jackson 5

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The toddler even walks the red carpet. Her poses are just too cute to handle! Maybe she’ll grow up to be a country singer/fashionista/mermaid enthusiast like Jessie!