Snooki on Khloé Kardashian: ‘I do not think Robert Kardashian is her father’

nicole-snooki-polizzi-khloe-kardashianPhoto by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Nike/Levi's/Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan

On the latest episode of her Naturally Nicole podcast, following a somber discussion about the Florida gay nightclub shooting, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi didn’t hold back with her pal and co-host Joey Camasta when discussing Khloé Kardashian. They riffed on the recent rumor floating around that Khloé asked O.J. Simpson, who’s serving prison time for robbery, to take a paternity test to finally put to rest the rumor that he’s her biological dad (O.J. reportedly refused to take the test). One of O.J.’s prison guards supposedly overheard a conversation between “Koko,” as pals like Snooki call her, and the former professional football player. The issue of Khloé’s paternity has come up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians before, with speculation that Kris’s late husband Robert Kardashian might only be the biological dad of her sisters Kim and Kourtney, and clearly this topic isn’t going away any time soon.

Snooki urged Khloé to find out for sure, stating, “I do not think Robert Kardashian is her father.” Another possibility is that a hairdresser, Alex Roldan (who they don’t mention by name), may have fathered Khloé, which Snooki and Joey seem convinced is the most likely possibility. Snooki pointed out that Khloé and Alex look exactly alike.

However, Snooki did clarify that she was speaking specifically about biology, not who was responsible for raising Khloé. “No matter what, that’s your dad…that doesn’t change anything, but to know who your biological dad is, I feel like I would want to know that. Being adopted, I’m always curious about who my birth parents are and what they look like. I know my parents are my parents, but I’m still curious and want to know.”

Snooki doesn’t believe O.J. is Khloé’s real father, and concluded, “Khloé, if you are trying to figure it out and find out, I am totally supporting you, because I think it’s a good idea, just to know.”

Listen to the whole episode for yourself on PodcastOne.

In February, Snooki and Khloé chatted on Khloé’s now-canceled FYI TV show Kocktails with Khloé about Snooki’s own birth family and adoption, discussing her 10 other brothers and sisters. Snooki hasn’t met her siblings, who live in Chile, where she was born, but she’s open to doing so in the future. Right now, though, she’s totally devoted to being a mom to her two children, Lorenzo and Giovanna, which, along with her business endeavors, is taking up all her time. Watch: