Snooki on Orlando gay club massacre: ‘We could have been there’

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On this week’s emotional episode of her Naturally Nicole podcast, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her co-host Joey Camasta took a more serious turn from their usual hijinks and gossip to discuss the awful Orlando gay nightclub massacre that took place over the weekend. “Do you realize me and Joey go to gay clubs all the time? That is our spot, that’s where we go. It’s so much funner and better than a regular club. When you go there, everyone’s so sweet and dancing. It’s just a really, really good time. The fact that we go to those places…we could have been there. It’s just terrifying. We could have had friends there. Can you imagine what everyone’s going through who was personally affected by this?” Snooki said.

Joey, who is gay, noted that since it’s Gay Pride month, and with every city celebrating, “Now all the pride parades that are going on are being watched,” mentioning the man stopped in Los Angeles on his way to the West Hollywood gay pride parade. “It’s going to be a very somber Gay Pride month.”

Snooki responded, “This one really hits home for us. It’s disgusting and we’re huge supporters here of the LGBT community. Right when this happened and I heard, I literally started crying.” She also observed, “This is exactly what they want, for everyone to be scared. We’re literally in a war right now.”

Snooki argued in favor of metal detectors in clubs, because “anywhere you go, there might a psycho in the crowd that’s ready to shoot up the place.”

Snooki said that she and Joey would love to attend an event to raise money for the victims, or host one of their own. “Our prayers and thoughts are with the families affected and we love you. There’s no much more we can say, but there’s definitely things we can do,” she said.

With plenty of emotion in his voice, Joey urged listeners to “spread love and happiness and joy.”

For the second half of the episode, the friends got back to their usual banter. When Joey confessed that he’s “obsessed” with chicken fingers, Snooki immediately asked, “Are you pregnant?”

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