Torch It Tuesday! My favorite fitness quote to get you going

There’s a lot of fitness hashtags out there, but the one that really resonates with me is #TorchitTuesday. It just has that extra ooomph in there to get me pumped and motivated. Another thing that motivates me and reminds me to push a little harder is a quote by my FAVORITE online trainer Kearira Lashae, founder of Move. In just about every video, she says: “With challenge comes change.” It’s so true. She’s not saying to push through serious pain or even not to take breaks now and then in a workout. What she means is that if you want to see serious change, you have to challenge yourself. And that can be something as simple as getting up and walking an extra mile. It can be adding hand weights to your strength routine when you’ve been going without. It can be doing a 40-minute workout instead of 20. It doesn’t have to be that you sign up for a marathon! Find your challenge and face it.

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Hilary Morris is a marketing consultant, social media strategist and founder of the Princeton, NJ area networking group for entrepreneurs and small business owners called CoffeeTalk. She is a frequent instructor and speaker on topics relating to marketing and social media. On the side, Hilary also runs a girls’ fashion blog called A Fancy Girl Must. Perhaps the most important role is as a mom to 3 girls. Hilary, her husband and her little ladies reside in Montgomery Township, NJ. As someone who wears many hats, you can learn more about Hilary at