These workout outfits will actually make you want to workout

Exercising can straight up suck sometimes. Personally, one of my go-to motivators is new gear. A fresh pair of nikes or the perfect Lululemon sports bra is sure to light my fire. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean, ladies. Check out some of these amazing workout looks our local bloggers are rocking.

Back at the barre! My arms and legs are starting to reap the benefits of @purebarreprinceton! Addicted!

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So. Many. Layers. #UnitedNYCHalf #WhyWinterWhyyy #BostonMarathonTraining #Mamalete #findyourstrong

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DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SHERPA…. Letting go of the past is really f*cking hard . Everyone has baggage, we carry our own crap , sometimes we carry our friends crap too. It's a back breaking business. It gets really heavy, on many levels . So not only are we carrying all of our own past fear, pain, regret, disappointments, we carry others experience too. We know and feel other's pain and we take it on as our own. Like how we feel when those sad SPCA commercials come on, ???? we are affected. Our hands get so full of baggage we have no space for anything else anything good . We are lugging around more than we realize. Imagine if we had to climb a mountain with all that crap. Helping people lighten there load-always good. It doesn't mean we need to pick that shit up and throw it on our back. We all need to put our stuff down. Don't climb Everest with two refrigerators on your back. It's too much, save some energy for the view coming down. All that weight will just ruin a lot of joy, no one ain't got time for that . ???? #pickthingsupputthingsdown #jerseyshore #jerseyyogi #yogaeverywhere #tattooedgirls #tattooedyogi #sexyvegan #beachyoga #tattooedyogi #sleeve

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One workout at a time. All it takes is one hour a day – overtime that all adds up. Nutrition. Exercise. Sleep. Repeat. ???????? a work in progress. Some people are not going to understand why you do it. Every day I say "I just want to sleep" that extra hour But then I get up at 545am and go train and remember that my health is my choice. I can choose to do something good for my body or not. I choose to push myself a little more each day with no actual goal in mind other than exceeding my own expectations. For years I didn't treat my body well. I crash dieted. I did massive amounts of cardio. I was always stressed/tired/sick and it was all related to being too focused on being "skinny" and not on being fit and well. Fast forward to the last four years and I finally started to treat my body right and focused on proper nutrition and weight training and gave up massive cardio. I eat to fuel my body (2k calories a day) and stopped worrying so much. #driven #gym #fit #fitness #progress #onedayatatime #fitfam #igfit #workout #trainhard #nevergiveup #motivated #morningworkouts #fitspo #health #fitnessjourney #fitspiration #hiit #circuittraining #progresspic #transformation #fitfemales #athletes #abs #muscle #fitfluential #sweatsessions #dontgiveup #legday

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Midterms got me wearing mix-matched outfits and showing my belly button for confidence. #midtermsgotmelike #yesidogotocollege

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