Everyone has a lot of feelings about Taylor Swift’s latest kiss

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Like everyone else with an internet connection, the entire OMJ team freaked out when 34 photos of Taylor Swift making out with Tom Hiddleston emerged.

First, I saw that The Hills star Spencer Pratt had tweeted a link via The Cut. Which, in itself was pretty funny.

Obviously, I had to quote-tweet the hilarity.

And then Spencer kindly gave credit back to The Cut.

So, then I told him I missed him. I don’t really know why, I just feel like I haven’t had enough Spencer Pratt in my life recently.

Then things got even more bizarre, and Spencer told me that he also misses himself. I hope you’re okay, Spence.

Then Charlie Puth tweeted “Hahah you go Taylor!” But Swiftly deleted it (lol), probably because someone advised him to.

Finally, Spencer tweeted that he feels so connected to Taylor’s life right now. I agree, I do too. I just feel like I’m really connected to Spencer, Taylor and Charlie at the moment. It’s nice.