Serve this grilled asparagus with creamy caesar dressing on Fathers Day

I think asparagus is perfect with some salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice. The same rings true for most vegetables I roast. Even your favorite dishes can become redundant after a while. Throwing in a new twist on things, even if it is just as simple as a dressing, can make a world of a difference. As grilling season approaches, adding a creamy caesar dressing to your grilled asparagus or any vegetables will always be a welcomed twist. This would be a great side dish for your Father’s Day spread. Maybe along with this recipe for Beer Braised Beef.

Just a small disclaimer: Typically caesar dressing is made with egg yolks and no mayo. I do make it that way from time to time. I realize that raw eggs make people nervous and at the time I was serving this dish with a pregnant lady around! So I made my version with mayo so its is slightly different from a traditional Caesar. Glad we cleared that up!

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