You can finally cook like Martha Stewart with her new home delivery meal prep kits

The James Beard Foundation's Women In Whites GalaPhoto by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Love to cook but hate chopping vegetables, or worse, having to throw away food you thought you were going to use but never got around to? Well, domestic goddess Martha Stewart has a solution in the form of a new meal preparation delivery service under the partnership Martha & Marley Spoon. Martha, who was born in Nutley, New Jersey, told CNBC, “We’re here to change and help change the habits of Americans who like to cook at home.”

The kits, available on the Marley Spoon website, come with fresh ingredients, instructions and recipes, and are sold for two adults or for two adults and two children. Users get to select the recipes they want ahead of time from the site’s weekly menu, and can opt for two to four meals per week. Ingredients should be used within 4 days, save for fish, which needs to be cooked within 48 hours. Prices range from $8.70 to $12 per meal, depending on number of meals purchased. So if you want to make, say, shrimp tortilla soup but are too busy to shop for the ingredients, this sounds like the perfect service for you.

Watch Martha talk about why this meal delivery service matters, both for convenience and to combat food waste: