Have you met the Puerto Rican Tupac Shakur?

Today we celebrate the birth of hip hop icon Tupac Shakur! Although he is no longer living (allegedly…?), the rapper’s music, on-screen work and legacy still remains fresh on the minds of millions around the world.

While some fans honor their favorite artist by tattooing their lyrics on their body or buying all their albums, others take fanaticism to another level. Meet Richard Garcia, a Puerto Rican Jersey City man who shares a striking resemblance to the late hip hop artist.

Often referred to as the Pathmark Tupac, Richard is constantly stopped in the streets due to his looks and hopes for bigger opportunities to come his way because of his appearance, according to NJ.com.

It’s not just the his physical features that take people by surprise. Richard also mimicked the “Amibitionz as a Ridah” rapper’s body art. He has the same “Thug Life” tattoo plastered across his stomach, as well as, his “50 N****z” over an AK47 tattoo. Oh, but there’s more!

Add in the extensive collection of bandanas he wears tied across his head in Tupac fashion with the way he throws up West Side in nearly all of his pictures, and you’ve got yourself a New Jersey Tupac look-a-like.

The personal connection he shares with the Juice star might also come from the fact that they share the same birthday.  Richard has also met Tupac’s father, Bill Garland.

A Tupac biopic called All Eyez On Me is currently in the works and although they went with a younger, African-American man to play the part, Richard is still keeping hope alive.