Kelly’s hair secret: The bobby pin trick that will blow your mind

Zac Posen - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Having a BFF who also doubles as your hair stylist comes with a lot of perks. One of those is all the hair knowledge she has bestowed upon me over the years. This one trick she taught me about bobby pins is going to blow your mind. Get ready for it.

You are supposed to always insert the bobby pin into your hair with the ridge side against your scalp. Now I know I’m not the only one here who has been doing it wrong all these years. It will hold the hair much better, and also give you a more polished look.

And since I love our OMJ readers so much, I’m throwing in an added bonus! Another bobby pin trick she taught me is to always spray them with hairspray. Yes, that’s right, hairspray. Coating bobby pins with a layer of hairspray will give them a better grip.

Trust me, these two tips will change the way you use bobby pins forever. It’s been a complete game changer for me. Thank goodness for BFFs (who also happen to be hair experts)!