Baby Chanel Nicole is ready for dad Ice-T’s Body Count concert

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Baby Chanel Nicole is getting ready for a big night on Friday, when she attends dad Ice-T‘s Body Count concert in Tempe! The fashion-forward, six-month-old social media star of course has the perfect pink headphones to protect her little ears. Who wants to bet mom and baby will wear matching outfits to the show?

Chanel's ready for the AZ Body Count show tonight!!

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Getting ready for daddy's BodyCount show at the Marquee this Friday the 17th in Arizona!

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Mom Coco is keeping Chanel dressed in only the most adorable outfits, including plenty of pink and a Hello Kitty dress, while the Edgewater-based family spend a month in Arizona as Ice-T records with Body Count.

Coco gave her Instagram followers a status update on her smiley daughter, who clocks in at just over 13 pounds and has blue/greenish eye. Chanel is still breastfeeding and so far hasn’t shown much interest in food, but we bet that will change pretty soon.

The family of course have their bulldogs, Coco’s “big bros” Spartacus and Maximus, with them out West.

My crew chilling in AZ.. The boys are sad we're not lounging in the pool

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Coco recently told E! News how to keep her husband happy. What are Ice-T’s requirements for the good life? According to Coco, “Massage timeā€”he needs his massages. He needs his X-Box time. You give him that time and he’s a happy camper for the rest of the day, and if he has grape Kool-Aid in the refrigerator at all times.”

Unfortunately, Coco’s massages are less leisure and more necessity. “My lower back is killing me from the baby, so I needed more massages. I never wanted massages before…but now I’m kind of demanding it. Even a massage over sex honestly! I hate to say it, but I’m much more in pain than I was before,” she said. We hope she’s getting her massage fix in Arizona.