Poll: Spring cleaning! Do you hire help or DIY?


Former Jersey Belle cast member Danielle Yancy, a yoga teacher and decorator, took the plunge and finally hired a cleaning lady to come over. She’s pretty happy with the results.

“We rebuilt our home three years ago and I felt like I should spend the time cleaning it because we don’t have children; there’s only 2 of us + our 3 dogs,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thought that is money that could be spent elsewhere (like decor!). I finally made the decision to call someone & she spent 6 hours cleaning our house yesterday. She was so thorough and even cleaned my light fixtures and checked to see if our air filters needed changing. Most of all, she loved on my 3 furbabies. I ❤️ her and am not going to feel guilty about it anymore!”

How about you? How do you get your cleaning done?