Listen: New Jersey teen singer/songwriter Chloe Baker, aka Bitter’s Kiss

Singer-songwriter Chloe Baker, who performs under the name Bitter's KissDustin Rabin

Singer-songwriter Chloe Baker, who performs under the name Bitter’s Kiss

Chloe Baker, 16, has a bit of a double life: by day, she attends High Tech High School in North Bergen and plays soccer; by night, she plays piano and guitar, performing under the name Bitter’s Kiss. She’s about to become even more well known, because on July 3, the Life in Color EDM concert at the Meadowlands will include her voice on the show’s official 2016 anthem, “Rise Up,” which Chloe wrote. The only catch? Chloe won’t be there to enjoy her star turn.

So excited for the release of 2016 Life in Color anthem, Rise Up, with the amazing David Solano!

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As explained, “Though Baker’s vocals will resound through the venue when the anthem — which functions as a kind of theme song for the show — is played at the concert, she’s too young to attend, since it’s an 18-and-older show.”

That doesn’t seem to bother the multitalented teen, who’s already released a self-titled album and an EP. Chloe grew up with a music studio in her Weehawken home, but didn’t start to record until she was 14, with the help of her father. “I just wrote and sang all the time,” she said of her process.

While most of her music has more of a soulful, husky feel, she’s found success as an EDM artist after Amsterdam DJs Boiler and Redondo remixed her song “Lovin’ Life,” after hearing it online. The song they came up with, “Lost and Found,” was a hit in Europe last year and led to her involvement with Life in Color, when producer David Solano, a DJ at the concert, asked her to work with him.

While Chloe doesn’t necessarily identify as an EDM artist, calling her music “melancholic,” she welcomes the chance to reach a new audience. “I know a lot of people who do enjoy EDM but will sit and listen to Adele or Lorde in their free time,” she said.

Listen to some of Chloe’s music now; you can find more on the Bitter’s Kiss YouTube channel.