Only YouTube star Grace Helbig could come up with these breakfast popsicles

7th Annual Thirst GalaPhoto by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for The Thirst Project

Leave it to YouTube superstar Grace Helbig to make a summer popsicle (or “slopsicle”) that’s a little crazy but also makes a weird kind of sense. The New Jersey native comedian gives those of you who are in too big of a hurry to eat a real breakfast one you can make the night before and grab and go. Sure, Grace may not really know what she’s doing ahead of time as she makes Lucky Charms and milk popsicles, blueberry, yogurt and honey popsicles, coffee and donut popsicles, a green juice popsicle and other flavors, but it doesn’t matter because we adore her haphazard, whatever happens style. Clearly, so do her 2.9 million followers. Spoiler alert: her popsicles look like they’d be perfect on a hot summer day, and her guinea pig (the human kind, of course) seems to agree. So for a breakfast treat you may want to make yourself, check out Grace’s latest food adventure.