Meet the beauty blogger who inspired Ashley Tisdale

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I’m a fan of Ashley Tisdale for many reasons. Most of them are related to her impeccable early 2000s style, but today’s reason for loving the Tiz is her tendency to fangirl anyone and everyone. (I do it too, if you haven’t yet noticed.) From Lauren Conrad to Beyoncé, the Ocean Township native is constantly giving props to the women she’s inspired by, which is a seriously awesome thing to do.

The actress turned beauty-guru recently gave a shoutout to her favorite beauty blogger, Rachel Leary. Rachel’s YouTube channel is where Ashley has learned some of her greatest beauty secrets!

#wcw @rachleary where It all started. I learned so many tips on her YouTube channel ????????

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So who exactly is Rachel Leary? With 91.3k Instagram followers and nearly 17 million YouTube views, I feel as if I’m the last to discover the English blogger! Her tutorials are easy to follow and she’s got a great sense of humor. (She literally began a highlighter tutorial video with “If you want to know how to look like a glazed donut, then please keep watching.” I love her already.)

Rachel’s eyelashes and brows are so flawless, I’m hoping mine will start to improve by association. (And by association, I mean the amount of stalking I just did on her social media accounts. Oops.)

I actually think I may have to spend an entire day watching Rachel’s videos and trying all of her tricks!