WATCH: Bear takes over NJ family’s swimming pool

bear-swimming-pool-mendham-new-jersey-ron-mcneillCourtesy of Ron McNeill

Want to start your day with a good laugh? Check out this bear swimming in a Mendham, New Jersey family’s backyard pool, cooling off from Sunday’s heat. Maybe I’m supposed to be scared, and I’m sure I would be if this was my backyard, but I cracked up when I saw how nonchalantly this bear helped himself (or herself) to whatever it wanted. The bear seems so at home in the water, I wonder if it’s a regular practice to find a pool to splash around in during the summer months. Watch:

As reports, Ron McNeill’s wife watched the bear enter their yard and head into the pool. The family made sure to document the sighting, and thankfully the bear did no damage to their property. “It’s one thing to have wildlife in your backyard, but it’€™s a different when they decide to take a dip in your pool,” McNeill said. The McNeills said the bear even played with the family’s hose and then, from the looks of it, simply crossed the street and returned to wherever it normally lives.

bear-crossing-street-mendham-new-jerseyCourtesy of Ron McNeill