NJ blogger Christina Bright opens up about her skin color

If you look at OMJ Trendsetter Christina Bright, in all her striking beauty, you may wonder what her ethnic background is. I know I did. Because of her unique skin color, freckles and hair texture— the stunner is quite mystical if I do say so myself. This is old news to Christina, who has apparently been mocked her entire life. The Newark native, who is half black and half Puerto Rican in case you were (still) wondering, recently participated in a campaign with fellow African American women to promote unity. The photos are absolutely breathtaking, and as always, Christina proves to be an inspiration.

"BECAUSE YOU'RE LIGHT SKINNED"| I would say that my being a part of this project is ironic but I know for a fact that every opportunity that has come before me is completely by design. 9 year old me wouldn't believe that this is who she would become one day…happy , confident and completely comfortable in her skin and hair. Me? A part of a campaign that will help other people be more confident in themselves and how they look? On @essence magazine? Wow. This isn't about a light skin/ dark skin battle about who had it worse …because when you're 9 years old and people are calling you "white girl" or "see through" or someone in your family is telling you to eat broccoli because you're too pale and look like a ghost …yet your hair is puffy and "unmanageable" and nothing like the white girls you see on tv and you have these little black speckles on your face …you're confused ..and you're ashamed ..and you don't fit in anywhere. Not black enough ..not white enough. I'm half Black and half Puerto Rican and its taken me up until the last few years to completely embrace who I am. Being a part of this campaign made me feel included. Yes I am light skinned ..and yes I am BLACK. No I can't get away with anything because I'm "light skinned" (every time I hear that phrase I cringe) I can get away with anything because I'm BLACK..and we come in all shapes , sizes, and shades and we're fly…and yes I'm light ..but my melanin is on FLEEK. ✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????#TCG #????n #freckles #realfrecklefriday @islandboiphotography

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MOOD| First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone supporting , sharing , reposting , commenting, calling, and texting me. Thank you @touched_by_tiff for even thinking of me for this opportunity and throwing my name in the mix because this could've easily went on without me. Thank you @stylebytori and @srvj for your vision..@islandboiphotography for your genius and all the powerful beautiful women I had the opportunity to stand alongside on that day. I read @essence magazine growing up, and being a part of something so powerful being picked up by such a legendary publication is a dream. Thank you @americandreaming.co for being there with me …Lord knows we damn there killed ourselves to get to the shoot on time and in one piece ????????. I'm happy man..and I just want to say thank you to everyone who uplifts me , cheers for me, checks me and prays for me daily. I always say it but Manifestation is REAL and I hope that everyone watching me grow sees that. ???? this goddess dress is by @mdiggsnyc ! I LOVED it ????????????

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