Get Audriana Giudice’s outfit! (For a small child, not yourself, obviously)

Audriana-Giudice-dress-set.jpgInstagram @TeresaGiudice/Pippa and Jane

After sharing some adorable videos of 6-year-old daughter Audriana at a bar mitzvah, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was flooded with messages from fans asking where they could find the little party animal’s two-piece set.

Teresa reveled that the outfit is from Pippa and Julie. It’s called the “Rita Skirt Set” and is $72.

It seems as though Teresa truly is a fan of the site, as we’ve spotted another one of Audriana’s outfits there, as well. The tiny fashionista wore the Tanya Ballerina Dress to cousin Gino Gorga‘s communion!

my beautiful girls and I celebrating Gino's communion today???? missing my sweet gabriella, good luck at your game my love!

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