Nick and Joe Jonas are basically ‘The Odd Couple’ IRL

Nick-Jonas-Joe-Jonas-odd-coupleMike Windle/Getty Images, Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

During a recent visit to Sirius XM Hits 1Nick Jonas revealed that he and his brother Joe Jonas aren’t necessarily the most compatible roommates.

When asked which of the Jonas Brothers is the biggest diva, Nick tried to stay diplomatic.

“We all have preferences, everybody does,” said the New Jersey native. “Joe and I are roommates back in LA. He’s not as tidy as I am. So he might say that I’m the biggest diva about keeping things tidy, but might say that he’s the biggest diva for leaving his stuff around.”

Sure, The Odd Couple, the play about a roommate duo of two single men that can’t agree on cleanliness, was remade into a television show only a year ago, but perhaps a reality show spinoff with Nick and Joe would be better?