5 things you definitely don’t know about Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler arrives at Glamour MagazDON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of Chelsea Handler (or have just ever heard her speak) you probably know a good bit about the Livingston native. Although she loves to share her strong opinions and the hilarious details of her life, there are still some things she keeps private. Chelsea recently shared some uncommonly known facts about herself with Us Weekly and these are our five favorites!

1. She loves chicken nuggets. (But then again, doesn’t everyone?)

2. Her favorite body part is her stomach because she works hard to stay fit.

3. She sleeps in a bra every night. “I just like my boobs together, not flying around,” she said.

4. All of her cars are chocolate brown, a preference she picked up from ex-boyfriend 50 Cent. She even bought a Havana Chocolate Bentley when they were together.

5. Her house has adult-size bunkbeds and she sleeps in them all of the time.