7 times JWoww was seriously obsessed with Disney

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We can’t get over how obsessed with Disney reality TV star Jenni “JWoww” Farley” of Jersey Shore fame is! She’s got Disney characters in her house, on cakes, and even on her arm in the form of a tattoo. Jenni clearly does not take her love of Disney lightly, and we’re impressed by her dedication to her beloved cartoon characters and the loving messages behind them. She’s even passing on her Disney obsession to her two kids, Meilani and Greyson. Here are seven times Jenni’s Disney mania was in full effect.

1. She admitted she has a “serious addiction” to Disney items

I have a serious addiction

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2. Meilani’s first birthday party was Disney themed

3. Meilani’s nursery has Aladdin artwork

Jenni posted on her website about the Aladdin art painted onto the wall of daughter Meilani’s room.

4. Baby Greyson’s nursery is all about Disney

Greyson is not even two months old yet, and his nursery, which is Jenni’s former shoe closet, has custom Disney themed art along with the words “once upon a time.” Here’s a video about her design for the nursery, in which she says of the Disney art, “I want my son to grow up looking at these pictures and knowing what it’s like to treat any woman he comes across like a princess.”

5. Her 30th birthday cake was Disney themed

Roger got her a 30th birthday cake earlier this year with a Beauty and the Beast topper and other characters along the side. She wrote on her website he “did such a good job” highlighting her favorite Disney movie.

6. She’s a real-life Beauty and the Beast

She calls her husband, Roger Mathews, the beast to her beauty. Awww…

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7. She has a Disney sleeve tattoo

Jenni recently got started on a Disney tattoo sleeve featuring four of their fairy tales and recorded it all on Facebook Live. In her Instagram post while she gets inked, she even says she wanted to work for Disney when she was a teenager!

As a teen I saw brother bear being made and from that day on I wanted to work for Disney. I Moved to NYC to go to college for animation and graphics but during my senior year I had a chance to go on a little show called jersey shore… Fast forward 7 years later, my love for Disney never changed. I grew up always saying I'm going to find my "Prince Charming" and have my "happily ever after." Even though @rogermathewsnj is the love of my life and the one for me, I learned there is no fairy tales. Relationships are hard work and you have to work your ass off to keep them. Everyday isn't "once upon a time" and "true love" you have to put in work and compromise with the one you decide to be with. So that's my sleeve. I took four major scenes from Disney that represent "true love" and @sarahmillertattoo is helping me show the reality. These four scenes will be the same except for their expressions… We turned them into everyday couples with everyday problems… And possibly "happily never after" because at the end of the day, everyday isn't a fairy tale. Cannot wait for August when it is complete and comes to life @inkedmag

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