Why Wyclef Jean thinks you should hire a stripper for your man

Wyclef Jean Performs at the Wyclef Jean In Concert - Brooklyn, New York at Brooklyn Bowl on March 29, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Wyclef Jean took over the Hamptons on Friday, throwing a private dance party to celebrate the release of his forthcoming album Carnival III: Road to Clefication. In the midst of socializing with his guests and putting on a show on the drums, the 46-year-old former Newark resident sat down with Billboard to explain why he loves to cater to women in his music.

Wyclef, who once served as the frontman for the Grammy-winning South Orange group The Fugees, revealed his song “For a Man” was specifically written for women. Women hold a special place in his heart.

“Always! I mean that’s a must,” Wyclef told Billboard. “I come from a woman — she’s first. A woman is beautiful, she’s always gotta hear that she’s the one and you have to pay that acknowledgment. It’s just, as a man, it’s important. Men need to hear certain things too.”

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” -#BobMarley ???? by Sife Elamine

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He then went on to breakdown the meaning of the lyrics, detailing the importance balancing the shared attention in a relationship.

“The record ‘For A Man’ is just telling women like yeah, you are doing the right thing,” Wyclef added. “It’s cool to be doing things for your man — live for your man, die for your man, love your man, hire a stripper, put a pole in the middle, spend that money, get your freak goin’, so you can remix it.”