Didn’t get Coachella tickets? You can still rock festival fashion


When advance tickets for Coachella 2017 sold out in mere hours, every girl with a “festival fashion” board on Pinterest felt defeated. With festival-inspired trends growing in popularity and festival tickets becoming more difficult to obtain, the flash tattoo and crochet halter top-loving community has to get creative.

Perhaps the key to rocking festival styles isn’t getting expensive concert tickets before they sell out. Maybe it’s just about finding ways to incorporate the trend into the life you already have.

While on the hunt for amazing beach outfits, we found Lauren and Olivia from 39 Mine Boutique. With flowy rompers, matching sets, lace-up sandals and flash tattoos, they let festival fashion inspire their boardwalk style! (Technically, since they were at the Bradley Beach Lobsterfest, they were at a festival.)


Another perk of rocking Coachella vibes on the East Coast? You don’t have to camp out. Major bonus.