Shopping malls are out, mobile boutiques are in

Remember the good old days when you totally lost your cool when you saw the ice cream truck driving down the street? If you’ve ever wished that you could experience that same level of excitement in your adult life, you are in luck. The most exciting trend this summer is the mobile boutique. Trust us, when you see one parked, you’ll absolutely lose it.

Meet Kaylie O’Donnell and Shelby Farrell, the BFF duo from Ocean Township who just started their own mobile boutique, Flamingo Paradise.

Inspired by the effortless vibes of California style, Kaylie and Shelby have been running the boutique for nearly a month. This summer, they’re planning to bring Flamingo Paradise to festivals all along the Jersey Shore.

Loving life today ????

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From the outside, Flamingo Paradise is the most Instagrammable school bus to ever exist. (Seriously, we were picking out filters before we even knew what it was!) Inside, the boutique is filled with a variety of products from vintage denim shorts to bikinis and sunglasses. It even has its own dressing room!

The Big Flamingo is coming together ???? Follow us for all locations soon to come! Xx Flamingo Paradise #flamingoparadiseswim

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For updates on the boutique’s whereabouts, check out the Flamingo Paradise Facebook page.