Watch: How to make stir-fried ice cream

I have to admit that when it comes to food, I’m far more of an avid eater than a chef. So the idea of making my own ice cream, let alone stir-fried ice cream, sounds intimidating. I’m far more likely to get a cone from an ice cream shop than attempt to create my own dessert. But judging from this short video on how to make stir-fried ice cream, it’s actually not that complicated, and only involves a few simple steps.

You add fruit and cream to a cold grill, spread it out to let it freeze, add toppings, scrape it into rolls, and then eat it. The process looks similar to making crepes (based on my observations, because as I said above, I’m not a culinary whiz and have never made crepes myself). So check out and video and see if you’re up for trying a new way of enjoying a delicious summer treat. Or, even better, getting someone else to make it for you!