Patriotic July 4th party planning tips from Snooki and JWoww

Celebrities Visit SiriusXMPhoto by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

It’s the Friday before July 4th, so if you’re looking to throw a patriotic party this weekend in honor of Independence Day, reality TV stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi are here to help. When they aren’t revisiting the Jersey Shore house, they’re doling out mom advice, and their latest offering is a kid-friendly fun project that’s perfect for a long weekend.

In a video posted on the app Go90 (a snippet from Jenni’s Instagram is below), the two BFFs cook up festive, fun and, perhaps most importantly, simple holiday treats so you’re not spending all weekend in the kitchen and can relax and enjoy your treats.

First, the friends make an American flag pound cake, with a little help from Snooki’s son, Lorenzo. They use blueberries, bananas and strawberries as toppings to emulate the stars and stripes, along with box cake and pudding (I wasn’t kidding when I said these are easy dishes and don’t require you to be a domestic goddess).

Next they decorate red, white and blue covered pretzels and marshmallows, using colored chocolate and sprinkles. If JWoww, who admits that “I don’t do these things well,” can do it, so can you.

They follow that up with parfaits using just three ingredients: whipped cream, raspberries and blueberries, all easy for kids to help with; Lorenzo gets the honor of placing the final blueerry. Snooki takes the opportunity to dab whipped cream on Jenni’s face, so of course Jenni returns the favor, but they stop there (sorry to disappoint you, but the whole episode doesn’t devolve into a food fight).

Then they layer various red, white and blue candy into bowls, including licorice, lollipops and jelly beans for a very cute and festive display.

For party decorations, Snooki uses her DIY skills to create a Fourth of July wearable wreath and decorate mason jars to hold your silverware. Snooki has spray painted the jars in red, white and blue, then uses colored tape and paint to give them a personalized touch. Both of these fun projects use dollar store materials that won’t break the bank, including plenty of opportunities for kids to help by placing stickers on the jars.

Finally, they take patriotic party hosting to the next level and attempt to make red, white and blue punch. “I feel like we’re in science class,” Snooki jokes. It works and looks gorgeous next to all their other appropriately colorful foods and decorations.

So if you’re throwing a holiday bash this weekend and want to wow your guests, check out the ultimate Jersey girls’ advice.