N.J. makeup artist is the second contestant evicted from the ‘Big Brother 18’ house

Jozea-Big-BrotherMonty Brinton/CBS

If there’s anything you can learn from watching New Jersey reality television, it’s that people from the Garden State value loyalty above all else. Whether it’s Caroline Manzo telling you “something about family” or Vinny Guadagnino running into the women’s bathroom to check on a recently-punched Snooki, Jersey people stick together.

Jozea Flores, the makeup artist from Bridgeton probably could have held on to his spot in the Big Brother 18 house a bit longer had he not made the mistake of crossing fellow New Jersey native Paulie Calafiore.

When Jozea was nominated to be one of two contestants up for elimination, he decided to take down Paulie, reported NJ.com. Although Paulie is extremely likable, Jozea wasn’t worried about running against him.

“The house loves me, so I am not going to be worried,” said Jozea.

Unfortunately, Jozea’s plans backfired, and he was sent home in only the second week of the competition. However, this season, the first five contestants to be sent home will  have a chance to return, so it’s not the last we’ll see of him!

PS, former Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese‘s farewell tweet to Jozea is further proof that he should have formed an alliance with Paulie.