Tech throwback: 10 celebrities with their ancient cell phones

Diddy-Phone-MTVGetty Images file

We live on our cell phones.

There’s no denying it. Unless you’re a rare breed, checking your phone is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before bed. Our phones are where we store all of our memories and stay connected to the world around us, but this wasn’t always the case.

Remember when you only had to charge your phone once every few days because you barely used it? You only sent text messages when you really needed to because T-9 was a struggle and a half. You were never really sure if your cell could connect to the internet, but you do know that once, you pressed a weird button and ended up with a $30 charge on your phone bill. Oops.

Although we weren’t as attached to our flip phones as we are to our smartphones, they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. Here are 10 celebrities proudly flaunting their basically prehistoric cell phones.

1. In 2005, nothing was cooler than Jersey City native Christina Milian wearing sunglasses inside while texting on a T-Mobile Sidekick.

2. Here is Neptune-born Danny DeVito with a flip phone that probably listed “color screen” as one of the main selling points.

3. Edgewater residents Ice-T and Coco showing off their blinged out Sidekick phones is almost enough to make us leave team iPhone.

4. Colt’s Neck resident Queen Latifah making a phone call before the invention of FaceTime.

5. Millburn girl Anne Hathaway‘s Sony Ericsson cell phone is the perfect accessory to complement her pointed patent heels and way-too-long jeans.

6. Ocean Township star Ashley Tisdale was probably so glad her flip phone couldn’t send read receipts, because it took literally five minutes to type every text.

7. We actually cannot tell whether Edison-raised Brittany Murphy was showing off a new Motorola phone or pretending to speak into a sunglasses case.

8. Wood-Ridge native Frankie Muniz is a great reminder of the good old days where if you broke your cell phone, you could just head to Target and get a new go-phone off of the shelf. (That’s a hard “if” by the way. Those things were indestructible.)

9. Remember how cool and important you looked when you got a phone call and could dramatically flip open your phone to answer? Saddle River resident Ja Rule does. “Slide to answer” just isn’t as fun.

10. This photo of Carney’s Point native Bruce Willis talking on a cell phone that weighs more than a newborn baby while walking around in his boxers on set of Die Hard: With A Vengeance needs to live on forever.