NJ ‘Masterchef’ contestant Lisa-Ann Marchesi almost singed off Gordon Ramsay’s eyebrows


On the latest episode of cooking competition show MasterChef, which is in Season 7, the only New Jersey contestant, Lisa-Ann Marchesi, CEO of olive oil importing company Bella D’Oliva, did not endear herself to host Gordon Ramsay in her attempt at cooking lobster tortellini in a shellfish broth. The Gillette based cook, who describes herself on Instagram as a “extra virgin olive oil Princess, pasta addict, culinary enthusiast [and] home chef,” made a terrible mistake. She got nervous when Ramsay moved toward her station, and miscalculated when she should add aniseed liqueur so that as Gordon bent down to check out her concoction, flames erupted, almost causing him to lose his eyebrows.

Watch a clip to see how her lobster dish went awry:

Lisa-Ann, who made it as far as being one of the final 16 contestants of the season, said during the episode, “I think I’m overthinking things too much. I’m not trying to make excuses. I own this. This is embarrassing. This is disrespectful to you and to all my family back home.”

On Instagram, she joked about staying away from live flames for a while.

Lisa-Ann’s fellow MasterChef contestants, as well as past contestants, wished her well on social media.

You can watch the full lobster episode of MasterChef on Fox’s website.