NJ teen came out as gay and received the best response ever

20698390-largeKinsey Ratzman

When Lawrence teen Kinsey Ratzman told her parents she was gay, the last thing she was expecting was a surprise party, let alone to become a viral sensation.

The 17-year-old’s parents told her they were going to have an early Fourth of July celebration, but it was actually a surprise pride party for friends and family to share their support!

“I walk into my house with rainbows everywhere,” Kinsey told NJ.com. “It was so amazing. The response I have received has been so amazing but so shocking.”

I have become a viral sensation bc of this cake and party lmao fun times ????

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After sharing her story online, Kinsey gained more than 1,500 new Twitter followers. Some even said that she inspired them to come out, too.

What an inspirational story! Congrats, Kinsey and major props to your family for being so awesome.

PS, Justin Bieber followers Kinsey. Casual.