WATCH: Snooki gets help gardening from kids Lorenzo and Giovanna

Nicole Polizzi Hosts A Joint Birthday Party For Her Children Lorenzo And GiovannaPhoto by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Sometimes kids know more than their parents, a lesson reality TV star and Jersey mom Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi learns in an adorable way when she tries gardening with her daughter Giovanna, 1, and son, Lorenzo, 3, who’s already developed a green thumb thanks to hanging out with his grandpa in the garden. Of course kids love gardening; they get to literally play with dirt!

Snooki has them help her spread out the layers of dirt then planting tomato seeds, followed by colorful flowers. But the true star of this video is Giovanna, who Snooki’s nicknamed “Sissy,” who gives her mom such a fierce look after Snooki scolds her for playing with a pot. It’s one of those super adorable kid faces that I just can’t resist. As it turns out, Lorenzo has much more of a passion for plants and flowers than Giovanna; he looks quite proud of their garden, which he names “Turkey,” when it’s complete.

What I like best about Snooki’s mom videos is that she isn’t doing the activity, be it cooking or gardening, for her children, while they just passively watch, but showing them how they can do it too, with some adult supervision, and letting them be involved as much as someone their age can be.