Watch: Derek Zagami shares his emotional life journey and takes a stand against bullying

Derek Zagami

Derek Zagami

Get ready to meet Derek Zagami! He is the fabulous store manager at Envy by Melissa Gorga, which is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga’s Montclair clothing boutique. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him now that Season 7 is underway. Derek, along with the rest of crew at Envy, will be making some fun appearances this season, as we see Melissa and company build the store from the ground up.

OMJ's Kelly Dillon and Derek Zagami at Envy by Melissa Gorga.Paul Brasil

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon and Derek Zagami at Envy by Melissa Gorga.

Derek is certainly no stranger to telelvison. This may not be the first time you have seen his face, or heard his name. Before entering the world of retail, this Boston native had a successful career in front of the camera hosting his own Youtube series, The Derek Z Show. He started the E! News-esque show in his basement when he was just 15 years old, profiling local businesses, and before he knew it, the series blossomed into an online celebrity talk show. Derek has interviewed everyone from Giuliana Rancic, to Aviva Drescher, Jill Zarin, and Luanne DeLessepes of the Real Housewives of New York, to Bonnie and Whitney Blosson from Big Rich Texas, to our very own Jersey girl Caroline Manzo, star of Manzo’d With Children.

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But with success, came hardship. Derek sadly was the victim of bullying. But he is now ready to open up, and share his story in hopes of helping others in similar situations. He will be telling his emotional life journey, and sharing his secrets to success on Sunday July 17 on ‪#‎BehindTheScreen‬.

In a preview clip, Derek talks about his passion for broadcasting saying, “I didn’t know where this was gonna go, I didn’t know what I was gonna do, but I knew I loved to talk in front of the camera. I loved to talk about things, and interview people, and just have conversations with a camera, and have conversations with people behind the screen.”

A sure to be tear jerker moment of the show is when his mother talks about the bullying he’s had to endure over the years. She says, “I think it was one of the most difficult, difficult situations from The Derek Z Show, was yes that harassment, and that criticism that pretty much anybody is gonna get, especially someone young putting themselves out there.”

But Derek was not going to let that negativity get in the way of his dreams, saying, “I have to be strong, and it wasn’t just me being strong for myself, it was me being strong for the viewers, and the people that I was entertaining, and that’s all I really, truly care about, is entertainment and entertaining people.”

Learn more about Derek’s captivating journey when ‪#‎BehindTheScreen premieres on Sunday July 17 at 7pm on Facebook.