Baby Chanel and Coco Austin have fun with Snapchat filters

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Start them early seems to be the motto of Edgewater couple Coco Austin and Ice-T when it comes to their seven-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole and social media. The adorable and smiley Chanel is already a power user of Twitter and Instagram, and now she’s getting into the fun of Snapchat filters, joining everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita to our 15 must follow New Jersey celebrity Snapchatters.

Even though Chanel looks utterly adorable as the centerpiece of a piece of bread in the latest video shared by Coco, who makes some funny voices and tries on a few cute filters like the bumble bee herself (when not urging bulldog Maximus to get out of the way, because he clearly wants in on whatever mama and baby are doing), it’s hard to tell just yet if Chanel herself is a a Snapchat fan or not. She seems game at first, but then seems to rub her eyes; maybe she was just tired?

But even if she isn’t into filters right now, she’ll probably enjoy it when she’s old enough to know what’s happening. Remember when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North West at first said, “I scared of chop chop” but is now one of the most fun aspects of Kim’s Snapchat account?

We have a feeling Chanel will follow in North’s footsteps. After all, she already has a huge social media following, with over 500,000 total followers on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts! How long until Chanel gets her own Snapchat account?