Garden State Plaza stylist Candace Kristin dishes on what’s hot for fall

The boho trend is back again for fall.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

The boho trend is back again for fall.

If you’re are anything like me, then you can’t wait for the days of baggy sweaters, faux fur, suede, and layering galore to begin. We are already halfway through summer, and before you know it Fall will be upon us, so we need to start prepping our wardrobes accordingly. That’s why I stopped by Garden State Plaza’s Backstage Style Series to chat with stylist Candace Kristin about the season’s hottest trends. Candace is the Style Ambassador for the mall’s newest amenity, White Glove Services, which is a VIP concierge-style shopping experience, so she is the perfect person to tell us what will be big for Fall 2016.

Stylist Candace KristinKelly Dillon/OMJ

Stylist Candace Kristin

Candace tells me the boho trend will still be in full force for Fall. Nothing epitomizes that better than the over-the-knee high shaft boot. But she tells me this season, designers are bringing that shaft even higher, “It started a couple years ago, just above the knee, and now this season, more than ever, you will see over-the-knee, almost up to the thigh. It has a sexy feel, but with the boot, you can still walk around.”

The over-the-knee boot is going even higher this fall.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

The over-the-knee boot is going even higher this fall.

Nothing epitomizes fall fashion more than suede, and there will certainly be no shortage of it this year. Longchamp even launched an all-suede collection — which is something they have never done before.

Longchamp's new suede collection.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Longchamp’s new suede collection.

gsp-fall-fashion-preview-9Kelly Dillon/OMJ

We’ll be seeing lots of fur again, as is the new Fall norm, but Candace tells me this season you’ll be able to dress it down. She says, “You can pair it with a simple dress, and then a vest right over, and it makes it casual and chic. You can also throw on a hat, and the hobo bag.”

Fur can be casual when paired with the right pieces.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Fur can be casual when paired with the right pieces.

Jewel-toned, color-blocked handbags are another hot Fall trend. In particular, the satchel bag, which is very structured and geometric, with hard lines and a little handle. Candace tells me anyone can rock this look, “It’s for the lady that lunches. It’s very elegant, but you can take it from day to night very easily.”

Even in the colder months, we always need a fab pair of sunnies on hand. Fall 2016 is all about the modified cat eye and circle shapes.

Rich jewel-tones were all over the Fall 2016 runways.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Jewel-toned, color-blocked handbags, and sunnies with modified cat eyes were all over the Fall 2016 runways.

gsp-fall-fashion-preview-12Kelly Dillon/OMJ

The cape is back. They were on trend last season, and they will be huge again for Fall. But you won’t just see them in black or camel. Designers are going to be incorporating color into them. And just like fur, Candace tells me this trend also doesn’t have to be fancy. She says, “Take the cape, and pair it with your skinny denim, and big, high over-the-knee shaft boots, and a silk scarf to give a chic yet casual feeling.”

Colorful capes will be hot for Fall.Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Colorful capes will be hot for Fall.

A big trend for both men and women will be the backpack. It rolled out last year, but Candace tells me it will be even stronger again this year. She says, “The backpack has really made its way back from the 90s to now. It’s really a great piece because it’s handheld, so if you’re a busy person —going in and out of airports, in and out of your Uber — it’s hands free, so you can hold other things.”

Embellishments will be huge. Designers are really starting to embellish their accessories, from their bags all the way down to their shoes. It can be something as simple as fun patches, to little pins, and pretty gems.

The backpack will be huge for both men and women.

The embellished backpack will be huge for both men and women.

Can Fall get here already please. I’m ready to rock all of these amazing trends. How much longer till September!?