Watch: Your exclusive look inside the ‘RHONJ’ Season 7 Premiere Party

rhonj-premiere-party-10Nicole Musa/OMJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies were partying it up in style Sunday night at the Season 7 premiere party at Molos Restaurant in Weehawken. On hand for the festivities were Jacqueline Laurita, Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania, Kathy WakileRosie Pierri, and Kim DePaola, along with tons of friends and family. Kathy’s hubby Rich Wakile was there supporting his wife, with their children Victoria Wakile and Joseph Wakile. Jacqueline’s husband Chris Laurita was lovingly by her side all night, and her daughter Ashlee Holmes made an appearance with her fiancé Pete Malleo. Rosie brought her rumored new love Laura Chamoun with her.

Also joining in on the fun was Jersey Shore stars Samantha “Sammi Sweetheart” Giancola (who’s good friends with Siggy) and Deena Cortese. Coming from across the Hudson to support her girlfriends was Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley and her boyfriend John Mahdessian. Missing from the shindig was Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, who spent their night chatting about the premiere episode on Facebook Live!

We of course couldn’t miss out on the festivities. OMJ’s Kelly Dillon was in the middle of all the action on the red carpet, chatting it up with all the stars. Watch below for your exclusive look into the hottest party of the year, and find out what you will be seeing this season on RHONJ.

The first to arrive was Kathy, who is a friend of the Housewives this season. She tells me, “I pop in and out all season, whenever my friends are getting to together, especially in group settings, I’m there to support and be happy, and spend time with one another. It’s good, I’m happy to be back.”

Kathy will be bringing her positive energy back to the show this year, “I just want everyone to have a really great time, and bring the positive energy, because you know what, we need that, we need that in the world, so if we can start from Jersey we can work our way across the country.”

Kathy Wakile was the first to arrive with her family.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kathy Wakile was the first to arrive with her family.

Kathy with her hubby RichNicole Musa/OMJ

Kathy with her hubby Rich

Kelly and Kathy posing it up on the red carpet.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly and Kathy posing it up on the red carpet.

Also returning this season, and sure to bring a lot of laughs, is Kathy’s sister Rosie, who looked absolutely fabulous. She lost about 60 pounds through dieting and cutting out alcohol. Rosie tells me she’s in a great place in her life right now, “I’ve been working hard, but I’ve been playing hard too. I’ve been at the Jersey Shore a lot. I’m really loving life right now. I’m in such a great place, and everything is going well for me.”

OMJ's Kelly Dillon with Rosie PierriNicole Musa/OMJ

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon with Rosie Pierri

Jacqueline — who wore a fabulous Alice + Olivia look — is back after a brief one-season hiatus. She says emotionally, she’s all over the place this year. “I’m just a wide range of emotions, which is normal for the New Jersey Housewives. You’ll see the normal crying, the anger, the frustration. It’s life, so you just see everything.”

Kelly chatting with Jacqueline on the red carpet.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly sharing a laugh with Jacqueline on the red carpet.

Jacqueline was rocking a fab Alice + Olivia skirt and top, and Kelly sported a matching Theory ensemble.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Jacqueline was rocking a fab Alice + Olivia skirt and top, and Kelly sported a matching Theory ensemble.

Jacqueline is the one who brought newbie Siggy on board. These two ladies have been friends for awhile now, ever since meeting at an event three years back. The Sig tells me, “I said ‘Jacqueline when Jersey goes back on the air, you gotta promise me one thing. You have to make Jersey great again, you have to. I don’t like people making fun of my state.’ So she said, ‘I have a better idea. Why don’t you do Jersey with us.’ So that’s how it all started, and I’m here now.”

Siggy and Jac both agree that this season is the most emotional yet. “For me as a relationship expert, I’m used to being the lifeguard, and sitting and saying stay away from the shallow water, come over here, there’s toxic people,” she says, ” For this I’m swimming with all the fish in the sea, and sometimes the ocean was calm, and sometimes it was choppy, and at other times I was overwhelmed, I felt like I was drowning.”

Despite all the drama and fighting that will ensue among them this season, Siggy tells me they all have one important common bond.

“Jersey is like no other franchise. We have highs and we have lows. At no time do we do normal, or are we interested in normal, but we keep it real, and we can joke around about the plastic surgery, but we’re about family, and our families come first.”

Kelly and Siggy striking a pose on the carpet.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly and Siggy striking a pose on the carpet.

Kim D. tells me she is back this season to stir us up some drama, as per usual, but this time it happens between her and Melissa. “There wasn’t much drama, so they came knocking on my door. They said ‘we think there’s a couple people being a little phony. We need you to pull of some masks.’ And that’s exactly what I did.”

Even though she has a habit of stirring up the drama the minute she walks into the room, Kim says she is still great friends with all the ladies.  “I don’t mind doing it, and I love the girls, as you can see I get along very good with these girls. They’re great. The new girl Siggy, and Dolores I’ve been friends with for years. So this is not anything that’s put on or phony. Jacqueline and I go back seven years.”

Kelly with Kim D. whose stirring up the drama this season.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly with Kim D. who’s stirring up the drama this season.

You may have seen Dolores in the background during past seasons — she is super tight with all of the ladies — but now it’s finally her time for to shine. The 45 year-old single mother of two can’t stress enough how real this season is going to be.

“Theres a real camaraderie amongst us, and through that, it’s a journey for everybody. It’s like a movie . I can’t tell you enough how everyone is going to enjoy the authenticity. No one’s fake, everyone’s real, everything is out there.”

Kelly sharing a laugh with newbie Dolores.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly sharing a laugh with newbie Dolores.

Sammi came out to support her good friend Siggy — the two host a podcast podcast together called Just Sayin’. She says, “I’m so excited mainly because my friend Siggy is on it, so I can’t wait to watch her, and I heard really great things about this season so I’m just looking forward to seeing it.”

As her date, Sammi brought along bestie Deena, who told me she’s a “reality TV junky” and can’t wait to tune in this season.

RHONY’s Dorinda — who’s no stranger to drama herself — made the trip across the Hudson to support her girlfriends. She told me, “I couldn’t miss it. I love the girls. I’m very excited for the season. I’m just happy there’s going to be all the attention taken away from us pretty soon, and on them.”

Kelly with RHONY star Dorinda Medley.Nicole Musa/OMJ

Kelly with RHONY star Dorinda Medley.

Sounds like there’s going to be some serious girl power this season, because all of the ladies are saying it’s going to have some major Sex and the City vibes. Dolores tells me, “There’s one episode that we’re all together, and it’s probably one of the best times I’ve ever had in my entire life….hysterical, and we cry on that trip……we laugh, and … the history, and the emotion,s and the fact that everybody, no matter what happened then, what’s gonna happen in the future, has some type of bond.”

We can’t wait to see Season 7 unfold after hearing all this dish! You can catch RHONJ Sunday nights on Bravo at 8pm.