Video exclusive: Inside Kathy Wakile’s two-story dream closet


The last time anyone saw Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile’s closet was way back during Season 6, and it was a construction zone. Fast-forward two years later, and Kathy is giving us an exclusive first peek inside her stunning two-story wardrobe. Her light and airy sanctuary houses her colorful collection of high and low end dresses (she loves a bargain just like us!), her beautiful assortment of designer shoes and handbags, and hats upon hats upon hats — her favorite accessory. Watch below for your exclusive first look inside her envy-inducing closet.

Kathy certainly didn’t mess around when it came building her dream closet. She constructed a two-level room — the bottom for her, and the upstairs for her husband Richard Wakile (who has just as many shoes as she does!)

kathy-wakile-closet-2Paul Brasil/OMJ

Kathy tells me, “I did have a little bit of a hard time picking out what colors I was going to go with. So for me it was either, am I going to go light or dark, so for me I did it all light, and then the second floor is dark for Richie, where all his stuff is. So we kept it separate. We didn’t really have to choose. I got what I wanted, and he got what he wanted.”

Kathy kept her floor white and light, so her colorful wardrobe could stand out, and be the center of attention. Plus it makes getting dressed in the morning a bit easier — well kind of.

She says, “Well it’s never easy to get dressed in the morning, especially after you’ve over indulged on the weekend, it’s never that much fun.” Sounds like someone has been busy whipping up some delicious Indulge by Kathy Wakile desserts in that gorgeous new kitchen.

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Kathy tells me she loves to wear color (blue is her favorite) and you will rarely find her in black. Her go-to designers for her radiant pieces are Byron Lars, Nicole Miller, DVF, and Ralph Lauren. She says, “I love the bright, bright colors, especially pops of color.”

Her shoe collection is also certainly no exception to this rule. Kathy’s favorite heels are a pair of funky Sergio Rossi stilettos that are black and white striped, with a gorgeous touch of metallic green. She tells me, “They don’t look it, but they’re very comfortable.”

Other shoe designers she favors are Gianvito Rossi, Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent, and Giuseppe Zanotti, and she loves Cole Haan flats. Her kids — Victoria and Joseph Wakile — recently bought her a fabulous pair of bright yellow Ferragamo loafers for Mother’s Day, which she lives in. She tells me, “These are so comfortable, like wearing bedroom slippers.”

And like every true Jersey girl, Kathy loves a little leopard. She says “I wouldn’t be in Jersey if I didn’t have a little animal print. I wouldn’t be a Jersey girl if I didn’t have at least one or two pairs.”

kathy-wakile-closet-4Paul Brasil/OMJ

Kathy isn’t all about high-end designer pieces, she also loves a good bargain like the rest of us, especially when it comes to buying trendier pieces. She tells me, “I wear a lot of stuff that’s a little funky. I go to Forever 21, wishing I was Forever 21. But I’ll go in there, and I’ll find a lot of stuff from there too.”

Kathy’s favorite accessory is a chic hat, and she sure has plenty to choose from. She says, “I wear a lot of hats literally. I’m a hat person, and I always have been, so I like to change it up. I have to dye my hair a lot, so whenever I’m having a bad hair day the hats are perfect.”

Her exquisite collection of designer handbags is of course full of color. But she also loves bags with unique details, like her favorite light beige Ferragamo, which is adorned with soft woven leather, and beautiful fringe detailing.

She says, “Rich bought it for me for Valentine’s Day one year. He has good taste. I fell in love with it. I saw it, and I was like ‘I really like that bag.’ He went back and picked it up. He picks out some great gifts.”

If only we could all have a gift giver as fabulous as Richie in our lives. Kathy’s quite the lucky lady!

kathy-wakile-closet-3Paul Brasil/OMJ

Doesn’t this make you want to immediately re-evaluate your current closet situation?

If you are just as obsessed as we are with Kathy’s insanely gorgeous closet, then you are going to instantly fall in love with the rest of her stunning home.

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