10 times Jack Antonoff was the perfect boyfriend to Lena Dunham

"Girls" Season Four Premiere - After Party Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Bergenfield’s own Jack Antonoff is a pretty amazing individual. Lena Dunham is also pretty awesome. Together, the musician and the writer/actress (it’s difficult to use one title to describe Lena, as she does everything) are a power couple.

Here are ten times Jack was the perfect boyfriend:

1. When Lena spoke at the Democratic National Convention, Jack showed lots of love and described the experience as a “dream.”


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2. On Lena’s birthday, Jack was so excited for her to turn 30.

3. “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on, that’s when Jack likes Lena best, I hope you guys like this new song.” (If you didn’t read that sentence in Drake‘s voice, you need to reread it for the full effect, please.)

LD at work in a great outfit

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4. Jack is basically Lena’s “arm.”

5. They even went on a really sick double date with the Obamas.

really sick double date

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6. Jack loves to tell anyone how into Lena he is.

into it

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7. His phone wallpaper IS ADORABLE.

rare pic of my phone

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8. When Lena was sick, Jack came to her bed to play his mandolin for her.

When you don't feel so hot and you're stuck in bed so your boyfriend comes in and plays the mandolin in ya face

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9. He celebrates even her smallest achievements. (Like taking a shower.)

they finally showered

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10. Jack’s obviously waiting for the perfect moment to propose.


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Ugh. We just love these two!