HelloFresh to Paleo Box: The 5 best meal delivery services in New Jersey

HelloFresh delivers delicious meals right to your door.Facebook

HelloFresh delivers delicious meals right to your door.

Between kids, errands and work preparing a healthy dinner for the family can seem nearly impossible. Thankfully, meal delivery services are becoming more accessible and less expensive making dinner a breeze.

Even Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has turned delivery to help with her meal prep and recently showed off her HelloFresh dinner. “Loved having my beautiful Gia in the kitchen cooking @hellofresh for dinner with me tonight,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “There is no better feeling than bonding with my daughter in the kitchen and sitting down to a delicious meal with my girls. Plus I think they enjoy not having to grocery shopping more than I do because everything we need for the meals is delivered right to our front door.”

And HelloFresh (hellofresh.com) isn’t the only service available in New Jersey, there are several others that range from clean eating to gourmet meals in a snap.

Blue Apron
Like HelloFresh, this service is made for those who still like to cook, but want it to be simple. All of the fresh ingredients are delivered to your door along with a recipe, so all you have to do is chop and cook. It’s great if you love variety and want to feel like a chef rather than cook. They have vegetarian options and you can choose a two ($9.99/per person) or four person plan ($8.74 per person). www.blueapron.com

Eating a well balanced meal has never been easier or more delicious. Eggplant rollatini, curry chicken and herb pesto chicken are just some of the meal options you’ll get with the weekly delivery service. Fashion and beauty blogger (and OMJ Trendsetter) Jessenia Vice loves the variety of options and chef-inspired dishes. The company even created a summer slim down meal plan starting at $126 for two weeks of meals. They even have the option for you to pick up your meals to avoid paying the extra delivery charge. slimtogo.com

Eat Clean Bro
If you’re looking for a totally prepared meal where all you have to do is heat it up, then this company is awesome. Just ask Jersey Shore star Samantha “Sammi Sweetheart” Giancola. They have meals that focus on everything from being lean and clean to under 400 calories. No preservatives are used in any of their offerings and you can choose between beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and more. One meal is $9.99, but if you order 20+ you get a 10% discount on delivery. eatcleanbro.com

Metabolic Meals
Whether you’re slimming down or prepping for that big race, Metabolic Meals is all about making the diet portion of your training easy. The national company, which boasts pro-wrestlers and the St. Louis Blues hockey team as clients but is great for us weekend warriors as well, have more than 100 meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner and focus on fresh, organic ingredients. You can choose between a variety of schedules based on your fitness goals. You can pay by meal ($10.25 each) or by day (starting at $25.42). mymetabolicmeals.com

Paleo Box Meals
The paleo diet is one of the more popular eating styles at the moment, but sticking to it can be difficult. That’s where this Long Branch-based service comes in. They deliver fully prepared, 100% organic (and/or grassfed) paleo-friendly dishes to your doorstep once a week. You can order between 8 and 15 meals for the week for about $12 a meal. paleoboxmeals.com

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