Did Joe Jonas throw shade at Gigi Hadid on ‘WWHL’?

Joe-Jonas-WWHL-BravoCharles Sykes/Bravo

Andy Cohen made Joe Jonas play “Shag, Marry, Kill” with his ex-girlfriends, Taylor SwiftGigi Hadid and Demi Lovato on Watch What Happens Live and the DNCE frontman showed LITERALLY NO MERCY.

Here’s what he had to say about his long list of ex-lovers. (Did you think we were going to get through this post without throwing in a few Taylor Swift lyrics? You must not know us here at OMJ at all.)

“I’ll marry Demi, she’s a friend.” Cool.

“Shag Taylor.” Great!

“Kill Gigi.” Yikes.

Um… was that shade? Or was the Wyckoff native simply playing another one of Andy’s games?

See for yourself:

We’re going to guess it was shade. Joe’s been pretty candid about his thoughts on Gigi. (He said that she moved on too quickly when she started dating his once-friend, Zayn Malik.) He also swiftly kicked the former One Directioner out of his squad when ZiGi became a thing, so there’s basically tons of bad blood there. (By the way, if you’re not keeping up, the Taylor Swift innuendo tally is up to three.)

Also, we’re pretty sure that we know the answer  to the question that Joe “pleaded the fifth” to. That song that’s going to annoy someone? It’s probably about Zayn and Gigi.

“I’ve written a song that is going to p— someone off,” Joe told The Sun in April.  “They’ll know it’s them but, in a way, it’s a compliment that you affected me that much. Even if the content isn’t positive, at least I cared.”

The fact that Joe had to literally use his hand to hide a smile after saying the phrase “kill Gigi” makes it seem like he definitely wrote a song about her.

There’s really never a dull moment with Joe Jonas.