These NJ places take chocolate chip cookies to the next level

beth dairy store showdown CExpress -Times Photo | BILL ADAMS

Whether married with ice cream or on its own, the mighty chocolate chip cookie is worth celebrating.

It seems that just about every food has its own holiday, and today is one we can definitely get down with: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Whether you like yours extra gooey, with walnuts or in their infant dough stage — we can all agree on the fact that they’re delicious.

Haven’t had your cookies yet today? Before you waste all your calories on the two-month old Chips Ahoy! in your pantry because you’re mouth is watering from reading this post, check out the list below. We searched high and low for the best chocolate chip cookie concoctions in the state.

If you prefer to eat your CCC’s from scratch, that’s cool too. Either way, tag us in your cookie photos on Instagram!

1.) Downtown Yogurt, Jersey City

2.) Strollo’s Lighthouse, Long Branch

C is for cookie dough with hot fudge.

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3.) The Bagel Nook, Freehold

4.) The Pop Shop, Medford and Collingswood

5.) Cupcake Magician, Red Bank

6.) Good Karma Cafe, Red Bank

7.) Meemom’s Kitchen, Middletown

8.) Konheads, Ewing

9.) Cafe Anello, Westwood

10.) Magnifico’s, East Brunswick