Milania Giudice is our new favorite beauty blogger

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Milania Giudice has been a diva for her whole entire life (well, all 10 years of it), so we’re not surprised to see that she’s started doing her own makeup tutorials on YouTube.

In the makeup tutorial, Milania explains how to apply makeup, adding that she’s pretty sure most viewers already know. (She’s always been wise beyond her years!)

“My friend and I always wanted to be actresses and stuff, and we always wanted to do fun things on YouTube, cause we would always watch videos,” Milania told PeopleStyle. “So we put a video together and we edited it. It was really cool.”

Milania received some criticism after having her eyebrows waxed on a recent RHONJ episode, but the 10-year-old explained that her beauty routine is just a hobby.

“I just do it to have fun and to play with my friends,” she said.

Her mother, Teresa explained that the 10-year old has always had an interest in beauty and making videos.

“She uses my makeup,” the Paterson native added.

Check out Milania’s video below: