‘RHONJ’ star Siggy Flicker dishes on her podcast Just Sayin’

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker is not only a relationship expert, but also a podcast co-host, a format she clearly loves. On Just Sayin’, she chats with her pals, TV host Clare Galterio and Samantha “Sammi Sweetheart” Giancola of Jersey Shore fame, and doesn’t hold back.

What’s great about the podcast is that I genuinely feel like I’m getting to know the real Siggy, with her tell it like it is style of truth telling, whether she’s dishing on her reality show castmates or giving relationship advice. She is, after all, the woman who made a splashy first appearance as a Housewife by announcing her facelift, about which she’s said, “I was born a Ferrari, I’m going out a Ferrari.”

I think that’s an important element, because she isn’t just talking about other people, but is willing to also air her own dirty laundry, including that she’s divorced from her first husband (but now married to Michael Campanella, with whom she just took a belated dream Italian honeymoon). She’s open about the good, the bad and the ugly, which I see as an important part of what makes her a reliable expert on relationships. It’s not because she’s perfect at them, but because she’s willing to dig deep to get at the core of what makes us humans tick, whether in terms of friendships or marriages.

While on the TV show, she doesn’t have final approval or know in advance what the producers are going to choose to air, the podcast is just her and her friends talking, and it brings out a wonderful side of her that I recommend to anyone curious about this new RHONJ castmate.

On a recent episode, Siggy dished to Clare about why the NJ Housewives are different from the other Real Housewives shows and what makes her fellow Jersey girls so special. She said it made sense to her that the show was off the air while Teresa Giudice was serving her prison sentence. “You can’t have a show without Teresa Giudice; she is Jersey. She is so TV worthy. This season is fabulicious.”

Siggy also praised Jacqueline Laurita, noting that “I have the utmost respect for her” before going on to comment on the strong bond of friendship amongst the core cast members. “Jacqueline, Teresa and Melissa, what’s incredible to watch about them is that they could have cameras all over, they don’t give a s–t. They’re really the real deal; they don’t care because they’re used to this crew. This crew’s been around them for years and years and years, so it’s nothing…They’re used to all the commotion and the cameras. It’s just like everyday for them. When I say they kill it, I mean this show hit new marks this year.”

Siggy says the forthcoming Vermont trip this season was “crazy beyond crazy.” She went on to say “these girls have a right to do whatever they want.” (We fully agree!) She disputed an article saying that she doesn’t understand Teresa, but that “there’s a lingo that goes on with these girls” based on their longtime friendship, especially since Dolores Catania (a fan of the podcast) has known Teresa since she was 12 years old, “so when Teresa says something, Dolores automatically understands what Teresa’s talking about. They come from the same place. They’re both from Paterson. They both understand each other, and I just watch them in awe.”

She added that you have to understand their backstory to get how they vibe with each other on the show. “There’s years and years and years of history and depth to these women.” She said when they fight, it’s “coming from their gut.” She said she’s “very, very excited” about what we’ll be watching in Season 7 and that the three aforementioned ladies “kill it.” As for her own role? “I feel like me and Dolores add a nice flavor to the show.”

Even when she’s talking about her castmates, Siggy’s doing so from a place of wanting us to get to know them, not tear them down or spill secrets that weren’t meant for public consumption.

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