This NJ designer has started a movement with #createimaginate on storefronts in the state

My friend Jen Gunn is a talented graphic designer. I first met her through my sister when they worked together at a school in North Jersey. Jen then became my go-to logo designer for my own business and my clients. While she doesn’t freelance anymore, she still dabbles in creative projects. One of which, #createimaginate, started with a window marker and a little imagination. Jen started scribbling at home as a way to entertain her daughter, but she soon realized the potential to take this further.

Jen is now bringing art and movement to coffee shops and independent retailers around Northern New Jersey…and is looking for more places to travel to!

Thanks @beansprout83 for making a stop at my window! #createimaginate @btans12 took the pic

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Check out more of her designs at and follow her on Instagram at @jennylynngunn.

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