WATCH: Snooki’s beauty advice in ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup’ video

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Former Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is now a suburban mom of two, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on looking hot, including her signature approach to beauty. She’s already revealed her favorite drugstore makeup and shown us how to rock flawless summer beauty style. Now, in a new YouTube video, Nicole, whose guy BFF is makeup artist Joey Camasta, who co-hosts her Naturally Nicole podcast, is sharing her “Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup.”

As you can guess, she went through those sins with tips on how they apply to the world of beautifying ourselves. For greed, she shared her recommendations, including her best inexpensive bargain, a Shany Cosmetics eye shadow palette because it gives her so many options (Snooki prefers plum and bronze shades), including highlighter below her brows. Nicole’s most expensive makeup product? Chanel’s Rouge Noir lipstick, even though she said spending $36 on lipstick “hurts my soul,” but it’s worth it because it’s good quality and “lasts forever.”

For wrath, Nicole confessed the beauty product she has a love/hate relationship with is liquid eyeliner. She loves her cat eye but, in a celebrities-are-indeed-like-us” moment, she said that when she tries to do it herself, she often has to repeat the process several times because it’s so challenging, especially for her because “I have shaky hands.”

When it comes to gluttony, she recommends her own Snooki eau de parfum spray, which was inspired by Britney Spears‘ fragrance Fantasy, because growing up that’s what Nicole wore it. She also enjoys body oil because at 29, she’s started to get worried about wrinkles, and said her stomach had changed since giving birth to son Lorenzo and daughter Giovanna.

Her tip on sloth is especially relatable because she shared the item she’s too lazy to use most of the time: fake eyelashes. She likes the look and says it “transforms your face” but there just isn’t always time. I’m the type of person who is usually too lazy to take her makeup off at night, which I know is a crime against my skin, so I relate to this one! Instead of bothering with applying them herself when she’s too busy, the reality star will get eyelash extensions at Lash House in Livingston, New Jersey.

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For pride, she dished on the prettifying products that give her the most confidence. Can you guess what area of her face Snooki’s talking about? If you guessed lips, you’re correct! But what she actually uses may surprise you: Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. She’s also a fan of Revlon’s ultra HD matte color when she’s in the mood for a neutral color, and can’t get enough of ColourPop’s lip glosses.

For lust, Nicole sings the praises of her husband, Jionni LaValle, including the smell of his armpits! His scent secret? Old Spice aqua reef deodorant. She admitted that those Old Spice commercials that hint that you’ll get it on if you wear it? “It’s true,” says Snooki.

Lastly, for envy, the gifts she wants to receive all have to do with her lips!

She asked viewers to share their beauty favorites in the comments, and we have a feeling she’ll actually take some of your suggestions next time she wants to shake up her look.

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