WATCH: JWoww got her makeup done live by viral beauty vlogger Careless Morgan

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - ArrivalsPhoto by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

What happens when a reality TV star and a viral makeup video vlogger join forces? You get Internet gold, and you don’t want to miss this! On Thursday, former Jersey Shore cast member Jenni “JWoww” Farley got her makeup done on Facebook Live by Careless Morgan, an 18-year-old from Orlando Florida, whose hilarious “bulls–t makeup tutorial,” as she describes it, has gone deservedly viral for saying things like “I am basically going psycho on my face.”

First, check that out (and prepare for some profanity) and find out why Jenni calls her “sensational” (spoiler alert: because she is!):

And she also made a second viral makeup video:

One of the things that makes Morgan Hanberry so amazing, in addition to her honesty about what products she’s using and her down to earth style, is her singing. Yes, she breaks out into song, and Jenni said that “she sang so freaking good in her second video” that “her singing voice made my boobs hard” because she was so into it she got chills! Now that’s talent.

Here’s what happened on Facebook Live when Jenni sat down for Morgan’s signature approach to beauty (hint: it’s not “professional” but it’s even better than that because it’s so entertaining), which has already racked up over 1 million views. The two chatted, answered viewer questions and Jenni emerged with gorgeous purple lips, beautiful eyes and glowing cheeks:

Morgan drove two hours after school because she is a big fan, having watched Jersey Shore when she was still in middle school. The two have an awesome banter style going on as Morgan does Jenni’s face in what’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind makeover. Morgan said she’s been doing makeup in earnest for about two years, and that she learned via YouTube beauty tutorials and “random people on social media.” Overall, it was a total love fest, with both of them complimenting each other and Jenni being truly excited to have her face transformed.

Jenni also told the world that she wants to help Morgan get on The Ellen Show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. TV powers that be, are you listening?

Morgan also got to hang with Jenni’s fabulous hairstylist Joei D. Fox of Toms River salon Sniptease Hair, along with Jenni’s makeup artist friend Kat (aka Kathryn), who’s did an awesome blindfold makeup test on JWoww.

If you recall, Joei was responsible for Jwoww’s stunning ombre grey hair color from earlier this summer.

While we don’t know what Morgan will do next, we can put in a request: we want to see Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi sit down in Morgan’s chair for her signature beauty touch! Wouldn’t that be amazing?