Katrina Bowden’s tips on how to order a healthy cocktail

Katrina Bowden knows how to party adn still stay healthy.Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung

Katrina Bowden knows how to party and still stay healthy.

Katrina Bowden is not only a talented actress, but the Wyckoff native has also become a health guru doling out advice on her blog, FitKat by Katrina Bowden. While she’s given recommendations on everything from exercise to healthy eating, the blonde beauty tackled one of the toughest issues when it comes to dieting: alcohol.

“I don’t know about you but if I am going to have a drink, I want to have a drink I know I can feel better about — something I know doesn’t have a meals-worth of calories in it,” she wrote on August 15. “I want to have the cleanest version of a drink I can get, and I work the bartender to get it.”

Here’s how the 30 Rock star enjoys a night out while maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  1. She looks for a few cocktail types
    “When I look at a cocktail list there are usually a few cocktails types that catch my eye: any version of a spicy margarita, a gin drink with cucumber and citrus, anything with basil.”
  1. Ask if any of it is pre-mixed and if any fruit purees are used
    “If the drink if pre-mixed, I don’t order it, I move on to another that looks good. If there is fruit puree in the drink, I ask if there is added sugar put into the puree (fruit it sweet enough- it rarely needs sugar added to it, but so often…it it).”
  1. Ask for the fruit to be muddled
    “Muddling ensures its just pure fruit and not a super concentrated sticky sweet juice.  I also ask about the citrus juice, to make sure it is fresh juice and not a pre-sweetened version.”
  1. Just get a splash of fancy liquor
    “Liquors add flavor and a hint of sweetness to balance out a drink.  If a drink has a liquor in it, I ask for “just a splash” and then NO additional syrups or added sugars.”