Here’s how to eat like Kendall Jenner at the Cheesecake Factory

Kendall-Jenner-cheesecake-factoryTristan Fewings/Getty Images, OMJ

Kendall Jenner was recently spotted at the Cheesecake Factory with her friends Hailey Baldwin and Tyler the Creator. Although the chain restaurant is famous for its massive proportions and decadent desserts, we’re going to guess that the supermodels didn’t dive right into a giant dish of shepherd’s pie.

The Cheesecake Factory does have healthier options. The “Skinnylicious” menu has 50 dishes under 590 calories and the “‘Super’ Foods” menu contains nutritional recipes. Apparently, it is possible to eat there without consuming three times your daily suggested caloric intake.

We’re not necessarily professionals, but if we had to guess what Kendall ordered, our money would be on the Skinnylicious Hamburger. She once wrote a blog post about the best places around the world to grab a burger, which is one of her favorite foods.

The Skinnylicious Salmon is right on track with what Hailey typically eats in a day. “Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich,” she told Elle.

Memorial Day penne alfredo by yours truly

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Hailey also enjoys homemade penne alfredo. If you’re looking to really indulge, you can enjoy some cheesy pasta at the Cheesecake Factory, too!

Tyler’s order is anyone’s guess. The rapper’s Instagram feed is flooded with photos of junk food, so we’re sure he didn’t hold back. (He literally packed barbecue sauce, Fruit Gushers and Oreos on a trip to Europe. You have to respect his dietary decisions.)


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We’re not suggesting that visiting the Cheesecake Factory in Wayne, Hackensack, Short Hills or Jersey City will make you look like Kendall Jenner or Hailey Baldwin, but like… it’s worth a shot.