Scout Boutique is your new one stop shop for affordable boho-chic finds

scout-boutique-1Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Inside Scout, Millburn’s newest boutique from Bungalow owner Eve Golden

Bungalow Boutique owner Eve Golden has done it again. The fashion industry veteran has opened up her new store Scout, which is sure to be one of Millburn’s top destinations for New Jersey fashionistas. Located right next door to their big sister store, Scout offers customers unique, youthful clothing, in the same aesthetic as Bungalow, but at a more affordable price point. I stopped by get a tour of the new digs, and chat with Eve about her new ethereal-chic abode.

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Eve tells me she created Scout to be a fabulous one-stop shop for everything from accessories, jewelry, and handbags, to clothing, and shoes. What sets it apart from Bungalow is its price point. Eve tells me nothing is over 100 dollars, “You don’t have to look at the price tags. You pick up what you like. People are purchasing multiples because it is so affordable. You wont feel guilty shopping here.”

Scout is for a youthful spirit, but it doesn’t have an age attached to it. Eve tells me, “It’s the little sister to Bungalow, like what Anthropolgie is to Free People. Mom and daughter are shopping here. The mom will not feel like she’s shopping at her daughter’s store. It’s not loud, or obnoxious, and it doesn’t scream teen.”

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Scout is full of easy neutral pieces with a great atheistic, very reminsicient of its older sibling. But Eve tells me that Scout is definitely more for the trend driven, free spirit person, “It’s kind of bohemian-relaxed,  kind of taking cues from LA. It’s more fast fashion. Wear for the season, and don’t feel guilty about not wearing it next season.”

She is also infusing a little color here and there, something she has not done before at Bungalow. Eve tells me, “I’m not a big bright color person. Everyone in the Northeast loves their blacks and grays. But earth tones are coming in for Fall, like rust, brown, and adobe.”

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For Fall, Eve is stocking Scout with tons of bomber jackets, in all different colors, and lots of denim, but with a twist. She says, “Denim is always in, but higher waisted denim is getting more popular, and people are asking for it.”

Lace up details are another huge Fall trend that Scout will be carrying. Eve tells me, “We will have lace detailing up the side of a sweatshirt, or down the center of a sweater, and lacy bralettes. A lot of sleeves are cut low, or there’s a lot of cutouts in the back, so you want something pretty to show. It’s a fun, little, feminine detail to make an outfit. We have bralettes in nude and wine. Even if you are wearing all black, you have that popping through, and it’s just so pretty.”

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Eve joked with me that she is now competing with herself since opening the new Millburn Avenue boutique, but says there is certainly plenty of room for both.

Eve tells me, “Both of them serve a purpose. It’s all about mixing price points and fabrics. At Bungalow you are paying for the craftsmanship, and the detail in certain pieces. At Scout your paying for the trends, and the styles, and the fast turnaround of the trends.”

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You can visit Scout at 357 Millburn Avenue in Millburn. And don’t forget to pop by Bungalow right next door when you’re done.