Lululemon says you’re shopping for leggings all wrong

Yoga Apparel Manufacturer Lululemon Post Best Than Expected Earnings Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Shopping for leggings is a pretty mindless activity, right? Step one: put on leggings. Step two: check out bum in mirror. Step three: if bum looks good, buy leggings. Well, according to Lululemon, that’s all wrong.

Business of Fashion has reported that Lululemon has “revamped its store wall of yoga pants with new fabrics and organized them by how they feel — relaxed, naked, hugged, held-in and tight.”

That all sounds totally awesome, but to be honest, I’m probably going to buy these hand-drawn printed leggings even if they feel “hugged” and I was going for a “held-in” vibe. (They’re just too beautiful to pass up! Plus, all of Lululemon’s leggings are extremely comfortable anyway, so it’s probably a safe buy.)

To see the new revamped shopping experience, check out the Lululemon locations in Montclair, Paramus and Short Hills. Have an athleisure outfit we just need to see? Add #OMJStyle to your Instagram caption and your photo will show up on our site!